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New song download

The demo of ‘This is the day when faith will rise’ can now be downloaded from aloudervoice.com. Thanks to Ben Trigg (ichthus worship assistant) who put this together, as part of the ‘ichthus new songs’ for the ichthus website…coming soon!

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Worship tour – Norway

Our Norway dates are now fixed for 23rd-28th September 2010. We’ll be in Bergen, Dramman, Oslo etc… For details and bookings contact Kjell-Martin Muir.
His email is: kjellmartinmyhr@gmail.com

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Worship tour

As part of a worship tour we’re doing this year we’re very pleased to say that we’ll be in Totnes on 12th-13th June 2010 at Totnes United Free Church (Ichthus Link Church).  Details for the church are found at:   http://www.totnesunitedfree.org.uk/

Hope to see you there!

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Breakthrough in worship

Very often we talk about the need to ‘breakthrough’ in worship.  When we say this we’re talking about ensuring that the worship time is more than just singing and actually draws people to an encounter with Jesus.

I was speaking at a worship training day recently and someone asked the question ‘If God is everywhere, why do we need to experience Him in worship?’  The simple answer is that the bible says ‘Draw near to me, and I will draw near to you.’ God is a relational being and so it’s completely natural for Him to be with His people by the power of the Holy Spirit.  When you’re leading worship, don’t settle for anything less than the reality of the tangible presence of God in the room where you’re singing.  It’s what it’s all about!

Once you’ve reached the place of breakthrough it’s really important that you press further in to His presence.  Very often worship leaders do not know what to do when the presence of the Lord comes, as it can be a pressure to work out which way to take the meeting when the people are responding to God.  Obviously we have to react to each moment individually but if people are singing in the Spirit and waiting on the Lord, it’s important not to rush into more songs too quickly when we can wait on the Lord for a few more minutes, as God may have some surprises for you.  I’ve seen many worship leaders rush out of a beautiful moment when they could have lingered for more time, but through the pressure of the situation they have missed out on one of those ‘holy’ moments…let’s keep pressing in deeper…

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Healing in worship

I’m always looking to the Lord to release healing streams during sung worship times, and I’ve recently had a really encouraging experience of this.

Whilst leading worship at a training event, I felt the Lord was healing someone’s left arm and so I called it out in between songs and then carried on worshipping. Then, after the event a lady came and spoke to me and said that her arm had been healed during the worship! Nobody prayed for her, but the presence of the Lord stepped in and brought healing. Thank you Jesus!!

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New Book

Jennie and I have been really encouraged by the feedback we’ve had from our new book ‘Pursuing the Presence of God’. It’s available from aloudervoice.com or Ichthus.org.uk if you’d like a copy and costs just £4 (+ p&p)…

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Comments enabled…

Please feel free to leave a comment under an article…it’s always good to chat!

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Ichthus Chislehurst

I had a great morning with the Ichthus Chislehurst congregation this morning, where I was preaching.  Here’s a pic from the service of Matt Freestone who led worship very well indeed!

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New Wineskins

I’m preaching today on Mark 2 where Jesus speaks about the need for a new wineskin.  This account appears in all three synoptic gospels (Matt, Mark and Luke) and hits right at the heart of our worship life today.  The context for the story is set just after Jesus calls Matthew (Levi), the tax collector and He dines out with all Matthew’s friends. When the Pharisees then question Jesus about why His disciples don’t fast, Jesus speaks about the need for new wineskins.

The old ways of their religion were not going to be able to contain His new Kingdom, and so it is with us today. We mustn’t rely on the past in our worshipping lives, but we must keep striving to know Him.   Hosea 6 says ‘Come, let us return to the Lord…let us press on to know the Lord’

Let’s not trust in our own gifting or righteousness to bring us into the presence of God today, but press into His presence with our lives laid down and hearts set on knowing Jesus.

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Thanks to everyone in the churches in Bournemouth who hosted us today. Was great to be with you for the worship day, and the food was wonderful too!!

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