As the deer

As the deer

I just came across this on YouTube. Made me smile…


Still here

Hi all, it’s been a long time since we’ve posted to this site – and we’ve had a number of people ask us for the correct web address as it changed. We’re currently arranging for the following domains to be forwarded to this site:




Hopefully this will happen today.



Open Heaven

Tonight Jennie I are leading worship at the Open Heaven celebration at St John’s, Eden Park (Bromley). Really excited about this celebration as it’s all about the presence of Jesus. Starts at 6:30pm, and if you’re around do come along and worship with us…

Jennie and I are really excited to be part of a brand new worship celebration called Open Heaven, at St John’s, Eden Park (near Bromley). The first gathering will be on April 28th at 6pm and will be an opportunity for people to come and soak in the presence of Jesus, as well as hear a short word and receive some prayer ministry.

We’re really looking forward to leading worship at this event each month, and hope to see you there!

Demo tracks

Hello world!

Recently a few people have been asking me to make some of our demo tracks available for some of our songs from the last couple of years. So, not wanting to disappoint, I have uploaded a few to sound cloud this evening. 

Here’s the link:¬†https://soundcloud.com/chrisorange/sets/worship-demo-tracks

hope you enjoy!


Worship in Cornwall

It was so great to be in Cornwall last weekend for a weekend of worship, seminars and of course, some landscape photography!
I was based in Penzance at a church called Light and Life, and felt very blessed to be with some people who are hungry for the presence of God.
My heaven sings tour has taken me to so many varied places, and all types of denominations, and it’s great to see first hand how the church is in such great shape in the UK with some amazing people working to show the love of God to the world around them…

the last few weeks has been busy for me with the tour. Have been in Devon/Cornwall, Bridport, Edinburgh, Motherwell and Bathgate. Felt really welcome everywhere and have seen the Lord really move in the churches I’ve been at. Particularly good to see people who don’t get time to wait on God in everyday life really open up and receive. Feel like God is saying something about the way we worship these days…