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Worship in the spirit

It’s interesting how the bible helps us to understand worship. In Ephesians 5 Paul begins by calling us to live godly lives, not even allowing the smallest impurity to enter our lives and hearts. The key verse seems to be verse 8 which tells us to live in the light, and act like it!

However, verse 18-20 of the chapter seems to give us revelation of the outcome of living in the light. It Speaks of being filled with the Spirit, speaking to each other in the spirit,and worshipping in the spirit. Jesus, in John 4 said that the Father is seeking worshippers who worship in spirit and truth. Ephesians 5 seems to give us more understanding of this. The way we act, think and speak seem directly linked to our worshipping lives and experience. The amount of light we let in to our lives will determine how much of the light of His presence we live in and experience as we worship…


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Sunrise at 36,000 ft

Was great to be in Norway for a day last week. Love you guys in Espeland…

On the way home there was an incredible sunrise at 36,000 ft, with another plane passing our window at the same time. Watch the short clip…

Untitled from Chris Orange on Vimeo.

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Finally, a link that works…

Sorry for all the confusion.  Here’s a link to my new song demo that actually works properly…

Just click here: Who is like you?

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New Song

Have just written a new song called Who is like you? For those who have been asking for music and chord charts, we’ll be able to upload them next week.  Ben Trigg is putting a demo together and preparing the sheet music which will be available from aloudevoice.com or the Ichthus House of Worship page from next week….thanks!

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Have just spent the day on the train to Hereford and back to pray for a dear friend who is very ill. Even though I had to use 13 trains it was well worth it. And, the journey home gave me the inspiration to write the lyrics for a new song. All good!

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