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Great to be with the confirmation group from Norway today. Keep open to the Spirit. Good things ahead for you!


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Student Alpha

Well, my little sister is doing her bit for student alpha…check it out:


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The Well

Am excited about tonight. It’s our monthly church gathering called The Well where we give the evening over to just worshipping and praying for anything that moves! Have been seeing some healing recently so am ready for more tonight!

Have been looking at Psalm 63 recently as it’s a passage which reveals so much about worship. In the midst of all the praise and hunger for God, the Psalm has two moments that open the heart of God to us about what happens when we worship. Verse 5 says ‘Because your love is better than life’ and goes on to reveal that worship brings complete satisfaction to us. It’s God’s desire that we would be fully satisfied in Him. He has all that we need. When we worship we step into a realm where all things are possible, and where God can meet our deepest needs, and fulfil our desires.

The second revelation is in verse 7 when it says ‘because you are my help, I will sing in the shadow of your wings’. Worship releases protection. There is a table prepared for us in the presence of our enemies as it says in Psalm 23. We worship under His wings. We should never fear as in His presence there is the covering and grace we need to remain safely in His arms.

Worship brings us into a place of satisfaction and protection. Let’s keep tasting and seeing that He is good!

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Am just making some improvements to the book for the ebook downloads.  The book is being uploaded to the site for approval at the Apple ibook store and other major online ebook stores.  Keep a check here and I’ll let you know when you can get it straight from your ebook reader…very soon!

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Am watching an incredible teaching session with Bill Johnson about how he began moving in the supernatural. He was so hungry for the presence of Jesus and after going to Toronto he was touched so powerfully by the Holy Spirit that God began to pour out His Spirit on the church Bill led.

Something burns so deeply within my spirit when I hear these stories as I hunger for deep encounters with Jesus. We must not lose our hunger for God. If we will pursue Him then He is so faithful to give us bread and not a stone. Sometimes I feel concerned that the church in the UK is becoming so satisfied with our theology and formulas for church that we end up missing His presence. Our theology must serve to make us more desperate for Jesus whatever the cost, and help us to throw off all religion and embrace His powerful life.

Don’t be satisfied with anything other than the manifest presence of God…let’s learn to remain in His presence for longer and longer, as he desires friendship that goes deeper and deeper…all the miracles and healing breakthrough will flow from deep friendship with Jesus. That’s the thing that should drive us forward.

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Anyone doing their prep for worship tomorrow? What songs are you using? What’s working well for your church at the moment?

We should be sharing our songs more…

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I spoke this morning on Supernatural Atmospheres and how we can create a place where it’s natural for the Holy Spirit to release healing breakthrough and supernatural activity. Have a listen:

Chris Orange – Supernatural Atmospheres

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