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Hoorah! Our book on worship called Pursuing the Presence of God has gone on sale as an ebook. If you are an owner of a Kindle or one of the many devices for ebooks, then visit the Smashwords website where you can grab your copy. They give access to it in many formats all for one price which is a nice touch. So you could have it as a PDF or HTML file on your PC too…

We’re waiting for the final ‘yes!’ from Apple and a few other major online stores to get on the iBook Store, but for everyone else it’s available now. Just click on the link below:



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Healing and Salvation

Some great news today. Last week we had the privilege of leading a couple of people to Jesus at church. They had come in through an outreach project which our congregation is involved in and found themselves drawn to Jesus in a very powerful way. Having given their lives to the Lord, they asked for prayer for healing as they both had issues with physical pain in their bodies. One of the ladies had severe arthritis in her whole body and was receiving injections for the pain. Well, she had an encounter with the Holy Spirit and he completely healed her! She has not had any pain all week and has had no medication!

Thank you Jesus!

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I spent the afternoon with my mate Jon and we wrote this song…see what you think.  All recorded in my garage!

click the link to listen:

Nothing is impossible

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As promised, here’s the sheet music to ‘Who is like You?’ for free download.  It will be up on aloudervoice.com very soon, but for those wanting in today feel free to download.

Who is like You?

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Supernatural Atmospheres

Had a great morning teaching on the Ichthus leadership course this morning about worship. I was speaking about supernatural atmospheres and trying to understand how we get into the presence of God, how we experience His presence and what does that mean for the physical place that we worship in. Does a place that is worshipped in for a long time become a ‘thin place’ where people will be able to find it easy to access the presence of God in the future? Or is it only about the people who gather?

There are some incredible stories where God has moved in a location where people would have incredible experiences of the Holy Spirit when they are in a particular place. Some friends of ours have a retreat centre in Wales where people were found to burst into uncontrollable laughter when they would step onto their land, and then it would stop when they left the property. These were non Christians!

During the Azusa Street revival the presence of God was felt a quarter of a mile away from the building where they met to worship!

God will inhabit the praises of His people, and when a people commit themselves to seeking His face He will be felt in the physical environment that we exist in. This is felt in our spirits and in our bodies (sometimes with physical healing), and some places have even had experiences of wind blowing or rain falling in the room where they are worshipping.

We need to keep our hearts open to experience the manifest presence of God. Let’s not confine God to our experience thus far!

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