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Bridport tonight

So good to be in Bridport this evening. Saw the Lord really move in the church and it was so good to see someone start speaking/singing in tongues for the first time just in the worship without being prayed for. God is good!

Hoping to hear some healing testimonies after tonight…

Watching Eurovision now…fab!


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Hear new songs

Just to let you know that I’m going to be putting all my new songs on Sound Cloud as well as aloudervoice.com as it’s a great way of sharing new material. To hear our newest songs, here’s the link:


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Great to be back in Bridport. Last time I was here we had a wild time so am excited to see what will happen.

Workshop is at 2:15, then, after the customary sword fish and chips it’ll be a healing meeting…come on!

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Here are the lyrics for Hide me again.  Will get the words and mp3 put onto aloudervoice.com soon, but till then here goes:

Hide me again

Within the shelter of Your wing

For in Your presence I can hear

You sing over me.

I depend on You

Refuge and shield

The brightest light

Causing my soul within to rise

And sing.


You alone are worthy

You alone are good

You alone are faithful and true

You alone are holy

You alone are pure

You alone are steadfast and sure


Sing over me

(c) Copyright Chris Orange 2011

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Here’s a demo recording Ben has put together for Hide me again. 

Hide me again

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Here’s a demo for There is a sweet sound. It’s not a new song, in fact I wrote it nearly 2 years ago, but it’s the first time we’ve made a demo of this simple tune…hope you enjoy!

There is a sweet sound

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Spent some time with Ben yesterday getting a demo ready of the new song for aloudervoice.com and the Ichthus New Songs website.  It should be ready in the next day or two…

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