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Sunset above Stonehenge.

On the way to Crewkerne last weekend for the worship weekend there was a beautiful sunset, so I stopped at Stonehenge and took some pictures. Here’s one of my favourites:



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Amazing skyline in the dim light. Using a 30 second exposure really opens up some interesting photo opportunities.


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Night light

Have been enjoying some night photography, trying to capture the effects of faded light in dark countryside spaces. This picture really spoke to me with the tree shrouded in a dim light of the distant city.


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Heading away from the Ichthus prayer day and am now travelling down to Somerset to share with a worship team in Crewkerne. I love these evenings as it gives the chance to fellowship and impart something to the team on a more informal basis, before ministering at their church on Sunday morning.

At Ichthus we’ve just finished the third week of the new Prayer Community and it’s been an amazing three weeks. Hours of worship and prayer each week can already be felt when we meet for other meetings. It feels like its getting easier to enter the presence of God, or at least become aware of it. It’s the great benefit of long periods of worship as even though at the time you don’t always find it easy to keep, there’s a deeper sense of Jesus in everything else thereafter. Hard to explain unless you give it a go….definitely recommend long worship sessions!

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We’re now mixing the new EP. Here’s a short clip of the Behold the Lamb mix…hope to get this all finished in a few weeks and have the CD out this year…

Behold the Lamb (mix clip)

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