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One of our songs called ‘Lord, there’s none like you’ has just been chosen as the song of the week by Kingsway. They have a feature on their homepage for the next week, so visit http://www.kingsway.co.uk and you can download the sheet music for free as well as one of the tracks from our new EP.

The recording they have used is from our EP called Heaven Sings which is a beautiful version of the song with Jennie singing all the vocals and Ben Trigg playing keys. There are some viola sounds from Amy Hosken too which really add to the track.

I have been asked by many people about our new EP, wanting to find out the heart behind the recording and the reason we chose the arrangements that are on it. The simple truth is that this EP is primarily about the lyrics. Sometimes we record worship songs with huge or predictable arrangements, but we wanted something that held back musically and allowed the words of the songs to breathe. This meant that when we did open up and allow the music to build it really meant something and felt like it had a purpose.

Carey Willetts, (from Athlete and Boxes) did an amazing job and was a complete joy to work with. He not only understood what we were trying to achieve musically, but is a real worshipper and so knew how to record worship music in a fresh way. Will look forward to working with him again in the future!

Thanks to all of you who have emailed to let us know how the Lord has used the EP in your life. It’s such a privilege to hear the encouragements!


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Kingsway recently released their brand new songs of fellowship book containing many of the latest songs from worship song writers around the world. I’m delighted that they included 6 of our songs in the book, and hope they get some use from churches who purchase the book.

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