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Open Heaven

Tonight Jennie I are leading worship at the Open Heaven celebration at St John’s, Eden Park (Bromley). Really excited about this celebration as it’s all about the presence of Jesus. Starts at 6:30pm, and if you’re around do come along and worship with us…


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New worship celebration

Jennie and I are really excited to be part of a brand new worship celebration called Open Heaven, at St John’s, Eden Park (near Bromley). The first gathering will be on April 28th at 6pm and will be an opportunity for people to come and soak in the presence of Jesus, as well as hear a short word and receive some prayer ministry.

We’re really looking forward to leading worship at this event each month, and hope to see you there!

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Worship in Cornwall

It was so great to be in Cornwall last weekend for a weekend of worship, seminars and of course, some landscape photography!
I was based in Penzance at a church called Light and Life, and felt very blessed to be with some people who are hungry for the presence of God.
My heaven sings tour has taken me to so many varied places, and all types of denominations, and it’s great to see first hand how the church is in such great shape in the UK with some amazing people working to show the love of God to the world around them…

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Just flying back from a great weekend in Edinburgh. Have been at a wonderful church here led by one of my good friends, Keith Short. Loved their morning service today and it was a real privilege to preach in the new venue.

Had fab Chinese food on Friday night with the worship team. Could get used to that πŸ™‚

Bless you guys loads!

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Really good time at Fleckney last night for another night on the Heaven Sings tour. One of the hall marks of this tour so far has been an increase in healing during worship. Thank you Lord!

I was struck again last night that sometimes we need to allow a long time so soak in His presence to get to the place where the anointing is available to heal. God desires friendship, not servants, and a mark of friendship is to spend time together, not just do our duty and sing 20 mins of worship and feel that we’ve ticked that box for the week. There’s so much more available to us!

Friendship with God is a beautiful and wonderful thing which we need to discover afresh in the church today.

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adventures of life

In this new season we’re learning that if you put yourself in the way of needing a miracle God always delivers. He loves it when we step out of the boat and trust him and although it’s a scary ride it’s so much fun! Life surely is an adventure waiting to happen when we follow Jesus…

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Such a pleasure to be at St John’s in Beckenham, Kent on Sunday for the second of the Heaven Sings gatherings. Beautiful sense of the presence of God. Am loving having the time to just worship and be in His presence with no other agendas. Perhaps this is a word for the church at large…it could be time for a shift in our focus…

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